Release from trunk

Teams with a very high release cadence do not need (and cannot use) release branches at all. They have to release from the trunk.


It is most likely that such teams do not use a Dewey-decimal release numbering scheme, and instead have something referent to the commit number or date and time. They probably also choose to roll forward and fix the bug on the trunk as if it were a feature, albeit as quickly as possible.

Here’s what stylized commits look like:


No slow down around a release and bug fixes inline.

Teams with one release a day (or less) might still make a branch, to cherry-pick the bug-fix to and release from:


Branches can be made retroactively

Newbies to source-control systems often forget that you don’t have to make a branch because you think you might need it in the future. For any source-control technology made today, you can choose the revision in the past to branch from. The outcome is exactly the same as if you had made it at the time.